Saturday, October 30, 2010


Is this thing still on?

So since my last post the following has occurred:


  • My house was burgled. I wasn't robbed as I keep telling people as robbery's involve facing the dude who wants to rob you.  Thankfully, I was not home.  But T-Boz was.  Poor thing.  She was robbed.  And she is deaf, so of course they probably scared the poo out of her.  But I don't recall seeing poo.
  • I visited the ER and then stayed awhile with a nasty infection to a blister.  Yes, I said a blister.  How in the H does a blister send you to the ER?  It gets infected with staph, thats how.  
Really, I have been having a good ole pity party.  I know things are far worse for many other people, but my problems are still my problems that I have to live with.  But I can certainly make efforts to change my attitude and focus on the glass being half full.

My glass half full response:

  • They did not hurt TBoz.  I have super friends who have supported me and comforted me (and still do).  I have fantastic insurance that replaced my stuff (minus my effing deductible).
  • I did not die.  I still have my foot.  I have super friends who have supported me and helped me when I couldn't help myself.  I got the blister from walking around the fair.  I had fun at the fair (but not worth a trip to the ER, OK that was a half empty response).
I have been relying on ole trusty coping mechanisms.  Overeating (and all the bad stuff, none of the good green stuff - its all shades of brown or yellow) and Isolation.  I HATE asking for help.  HATE IT.  So I just shut myself off from the world.

I need new coping mechanisms.  I will begin making a concerted effort to build a new arsenal of coping tools.  Sigh.  This is going to be hard.