Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Living a Lie in Stretchy Pants

Stages of Change* - the stretchy pants version:

  1. Precontemplation:  Stretchy pants are totally acceptable, I mean they are really comfortable.  I still look good.  I'm just having a few treats to feel better - I just got robbed after all.
  2. Contemplation:  OK, real pants aren't fitting and now I have a noticeable muffin top (link just for my friend Phil).  But thats OK - I have stretchy pants and they are comfortable.  I still look OK and I don't feel like working hard to get out of stretchy pants.  I am having a hard time with life stuff now.  I am being comforted. 
  3. Preparation/Determination:  No more stretchy pants.  This is making me feel really bad about myself.  I sure need to make some changes.  OK, I will enjoy the mother of all stretchy pant holidays blissfully.  Yay Thanksgiving food!  But then, on Monday, I will be working towards putting real pants on.  I will do what it takes to fit in real pants again.  I WILL NOT BUY NEW CLOTHES.
  4. Action/Willpower:  Must get in real pants.  I will CROSSFIT and watch what I eat.  There is a new Weight Watchers program.  Kind of paleo-y.  I will do this and be dedicated to working the program.  I will try real pants on everyday.  And I will try not to get sad if I have to keep wearing stretchy pants.  I will just keep working.  I will think about real pants when I don't feel like working.  This is where I am now friends.
  5. Maintenance:  Where I want to be!  I will be able to wear real pants any time I want.  Anything in my closet will fit!  Maybe I will have to buy new clothes.  YES!
  6. Relapse: no no no!  Must not put stretchy pants on to avoid the reality of real pants.  Real pants don't lie!
Me (3rd from the right) in some stretchy pants during a time in which I felt no shame wearing them.  I worked my ass off in those stretchy pants.  
Enjoy this wonderfully horrible video I found about a different kind of stretchy pants...Totally work and family inappropriate, but so terrible its like a car wreck.  Can't stop watching...

*The Stages of Change Model credited to James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente - used to treat addictions starting in the late 70's. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've always hated journaling, because I think I need to write a novel and that it needs to be perfect.  I am throwing that out and just writing a couple of words, maybe not even in a straight line and totally fragmented sentences.  I'm OK with that.

I've started (OK, its only been 2 days) writing down what I am thankful for before I go to bed as a part of this journaling.  Sort of what I give gratitude to...

Yesterday, I wrote that I was grateful for being able to see a tiny window of the old T-Boz from many years ago.  She was frisky and running (!) and playing with the neighbor dog, Oz.  Oz is a big ole husky dog and T-Boz loves him.  Seeing them "play" together is one of my favorite things.  It usually only lasts a minute or less.  T-Boz goes up to him and sniffs his nose and then runs off.  Pees.  And then Oz follows and pees.  Its my favorite.  Yesterday she did this several times and then ran around.  It was the best, and I am truly grateful for the joy that T-Boz has brought to my life.
My Sweet Poo Bear