Thursday, December 16, 2010

Caved - I mean didn't deprive

So I REALLY wanted cake.  I don't know why.  Well, I mean I do love cake (que a fat kid loves cake, check it, 3:03)...but I was going to wait til my birthday to eat a really good cupcake. But I didn't.  I caved, I mean tried to not deprive myself.

Sometimes if you want something and can't get it out of your head, I think you should have it.  Otherwise, if you try an alternative or fight it, you sometimes end up eating the alternative and the remaining contents of your fridge.

WW allows for the scratching of an itch like this.  You get the extra splurge points.

This week, I used all of my splurge points on random things like going out to eat with friends.  So I had just a few splurge points left, but still enough to enjoy a piece of cake.

Bought a slice of yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing from Target (I think their secret recipe rhymes with etty focker) with full intentions of only eating half of it.  Just enough to scratch the itch.

I ate the whole damn thing.  Stupid cake.  3 pound weight gain overnight and weigh in day today.

Cake and I really shouldn't play together.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Paleo - Deprivation in Disguise?

Before I open up this discussion - just a brief update.  I am so still in stretchy pants.  Freakin' real pants.  I put some jeans on the other day, really hoping for the best, and thought I looked pretty good...until I sat down.  Hello giant muffin top.  Funny how your fat becomes so apparent when you sit down.  Sigh.  I remain steadfast in my efforts.  The muffin top is not going away on its own.

What the New WW Kind of Looks Like:
I mentioned, Weight Watchers (WW) started up a new program.  It's been nearly 13 years since they developed the "Points" program and thus, 13 years since anything completely new has been developed.  The new program is really a new and improved version of the "Points" program.

Now called "Points Plus", the program focuses less on how many calories a food has but more on the make up of those calories.  The make up of those calories is what is used to calculate a food's point value.  You are assigned a points target to eat to and are given some extra points for splurges, special occasions and frankly, so you can live life.

Foods higher in fiber, lower in fat, lower in carbohydrate and higher in protein are best choices and are assigned a lower points value.  Fruit and vegetables have a points value of zero nudging you to chose them for snacks over say the thousands of "100 calorie packs" that litter our supermarkets.

WW built the program based on the latest science around how your body processes foods and how the body uses the food for fuel.  In short, fat and carbohydrates are not used as efficiently as protein and fiber are when fueling your body.  This science is pretty similar to Paleo science.

How I'm Doing on It:
I am a week or so into this new program and I haven't had to change much about how I am eating.  I haven't had to change much, because my meal choices are mostly paleo-y and low in points.  Some paleo-y items are high points and I have to limit them, but so should you;  Avocados, nuts and oils are still high in points value because they are calorically dense.  You can easily over do them, which can significantly impact your weight loss efforts.  Guess what remains relatively unchanged?  BACON!

The fact that others in my meetings are struggling to eat at or below their points target, and I am eating well below my target, leads me to believe that what I learned eating Paleo has been helpful and that in part, WW must agree with the Paleo concepts.

The thing I have had to change most are my thoughts about food.  The fact remains that you can eat ANYTHING you want while on WW as long as you are accountable for it.  
This past week, I ate cheese again.  Nay, I bought and loaded up my cart with cheese.  And I eat a little when I want to.  I bought English Muffins again.  And I eat one when I want to.  And by god I bought chocolate.  And I eat a little (or alot) when I want it.  But friends, this has been hard to do.  I have felt some trepidation buying these things.  Almost like I was doing something wrong.  How weird is that?

Yeah, But You've Eaten These Things While Paleo...: 
And this is where I think deprivation comes into play.  These things were not allowed in your Paleo diet. Because they caused inflammation or similar science-y stuff.  All rational reasons, but my brain didn't care about the science.  My brain just knew that it was never going to enjoy chocolate or pizza again.  But if somehow some slipped by my brain and into my belly (aka cheat meal, ragefest, epic meal), all hell broke loose and it was a carbapalooza indeed.  This last carbapalooza lasted a good month and a half and is one I am just coming off of.  And I have a muffin top to show for it.

Would a carbapalooza be inevitable if all along chocolate and cheese were acceptable and available foods for me? I'm not sure.  What I am sure of is that I lost 100 pounds losing roughly 1 pound a week while eating chocolate and pizza on a pretty consistent basis.  How?  By being accountable for it.

So, Do You Think Paleo is Deprivation in Disguise?
For me, I think so.  However, I have to say that I stand firmly behind the Paleo science and think it could do wonders for our obese population riddled with Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease....  BUT, as someone who comes from a long history of food issues, I think WW prepares me to kick some serious weight loss ass while regularly enjoying pizza and chocolate.  Thus, avoiding feeling deprived.

To be sure, WW has some components of deprivation.  Like depriving me of eating a dozen chocolate chip cookies in one sitting or eating a whole pizza pie in one sitting.  But honestly, there should be stop gaps in place for this kind of thing regardless of your eating lifestyle!  Sigh.

OK, So What's the Bottom Line with Weight Loss on the New WW?

I am down 2.8 el-bees.  Not bad for one week's time.  

Now, the bigger picture...I have been reflecting back on this year in regards to my weight loss efforts and I have lost a big goose egg this year.  I am the exact same weight as I was last year at this time.  Oh sure, I've lost weight.  But I have gained it right back.  And the mental anguish that these ups and downs (sometimes severe ups and downs like 10 pounds in a week) have caused me has been terribly upsetting.  I am tired not only of these ups and downs, but tired of my muffin top and stretchy pants.

So here's to no more deprivation.  Lets see if it gets and keeps me back on track.