Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Bits of Positivity

My friend, and Crossfit Durham coach, Ashley, asked some of us female Crossfit bloggers to write a post about 10 things we like about ourselves.  The things should be physical traits.  I think the point of the assignment is to not be so hard on ourselves and focus on our positives.  

Given my current condition, this is truly a difficult assignment.  My body as I've known it for my adult life is completely different now.  My physical abilities are different now.  So how do I find 10 things I physically like about myself when my entire being screams MUTANT!

Ok, here goes (in no particular order):

1).  I have the ability to be athletic.  My experience with the MetroDash proved that to me.  This is one of my bigger accomplishments.

2).  I can do a pretty mean handstand.  Took a lot of work, but I got it.

3).  My noggin is pretty.  Even bald.  There is lot to learn about yourself and your facial features when you are bald.  My features are nice.

4).  I do not fear physical discomfort.  I fear the unknown.  I think there is a difference.

6).  I can cook some fab paleo food from no recipe.  I just make stuff up and it usually looks pretty and tastes good.  I have lots of ideas about a cookbook.

7).  I have kicked some terrible habits:  smoking (11 years) and drinking (6 years). These count as physical traits, because they were physically hard to break.  If I could only kick cake...

8).  Even with a few, ahem, extra pounds, I still like my belly button.  I have a lovely belly button ring, and it makes me happy.  When I had to take it out for surgery, I thought it looked weird and sad.  It's not something I show off, just something I know is there.  And I have good memories of getting it done with my BFF.

9). Yikes.  How many more.  I can lift heavy shit.  The heaviness is variable, but I know it's more than most regular jo-Anna blows off the street.

10).  I am surviving a diagnosis of invasive ductal adenocarcinoma, being told I carry a genetic mutation for a high risk for ovarian cancer, being told natural born kids are not in my future, having both breasts cut off, losing my hair and getting Chemo.  I still have so much more to go, but I have perseverance like it was on sale at target.

The other ladies posting their top 10s are awesome ladies that I could write a top 10 for easily.  I suppose that is the point, no?  You are your own worst critic and probably no one else noticed your fat arms but you.

I need to notice #10 and #1 more.

Here are some links to the other top tens:
Beatrice - general soft hearted badass who takes good care of me and reminds me that I am loved
Nelly - all around superstar.  Bootcamped with her forever and so glad she now see's how badass she is
Amy - makes me laugh hard.  Brings me crass cross stitching to taunt the cancer.  Super proud of how hard she works and glad she found Crossfit.  It suits her.
Colleen - I don't know Colleen, but I can tell I'm going to like her.
Lindsay - I can always lift more with Lindsay around.  One time I tried to kill her with my poor spotting abilities and she is still my friend.  That shit is deep.  Plus she sparkles just like me.
Ash - badass of all Crossfit badass girls.  Pretty much who you want to be if you are Crossfitting. And she makes me giggle and act silly.


  1. Damnit Ashley you stole my line! I'll fight you for her. Um...on second thought never mind, I think you could break me :P

    Melinda, you are one amazing chica. And you're more than a bit of a stunner. Glad you put that on your list :) p.s. I haven't forgotten about the song request! I will honor it at some point, I promise. I've been practising!

  2. That is deep I dont even remember almost dying... Im sure it was my lifting abilities any way.