Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week in review - July 26

This week was kind of rough.  Not gonna lie.  I have been SUPER tired.  Like fall asleep during the day tired.  I am not sure if it is the elimination of sugar and grains, the addition of running or my body's need for more sleep?  Whatever, I need to fix this pronto.

I've also been doing ALOT of thinking.  Mostly about how I feel with regards to my lifestyle.  I think I am slightly obsessed with my healthy endeavors so much so that it might not be healthy.  More about that for a later post...

Same level of Paleo commitment this week.  Allowed condiments here and there.  Made some pretty good dinners.  I fully intended to try some recipes from my Primal Blueprint Cookbook, but I think I got lazy.  I don't get the chance to start dinner until around 8:30 or 9 and by then, I want quick and easy.  So I defer to old standbys.  I have read through these recipes and they all look pretty easy (and delicious) so I'm not sure why I haven't tried any of them.  I seem to be very averse to using recipes - not sure why.  When I am cooking, I like to just sort of make stuff up.  Maybe I don't like being told what to do...oh my, that could be a whole separate post!

Anywho - I mentioned that I am reading the Primal Blueprint and I really like Sisson's take on a healthy lifestyle.  There are some differences between Primal and Paleo with regards to nutrition.  One difference is that Primal allows for the inclusion of high fat dairy whereas Paleo eschews (stolen awesome word from Sisson) dairy.

So this weekend, I allowed the addition of blue cheese to a steak salad at Ted's Montana Grill (Oh holy hannah, when I decide that a burger is in order, I am totally going back there).  I haven't had cheese in a couple of weeks so I knew that based on my Whole30 experience, adding cheese, even just as sprinkles on a salad could be troubling to the ole' digestive tract (basically, the Whole30 approach is get rid of the crap for 30 days and slowly add back the things you think you can't/won't live without and see how they affect your body).

And the cheese was troubling.  Almost immediately.  Dairy is not my friend I'm afraid.

I think this is a valuable lesson though.  I have learned that cheese, while super tasty and yummy causes inflammation / irritation and in general makes me feel kind of poopy.   So I know that there are nutrients to be gained from dairy and that I may enjoy the taste of dairy, but I will choose whether or not to consume it knowing I'm going to feel poopy afterwards.  It's now an educated choice.

This makes more sense to me than just someone telling me that I shouldn't be eating something because of x.  Through this kind of experimentation, I know what "x" is for me and maybe it is not worth it to get "x" by eating something.  But the "x" and the worth is different for everyone.

The final thought on nutrition, what are your thoughts on eating a whole avocado in one sitting?  I've done that twice now.  Also, I am thoroughly enjoying watermelon which is high on the glycemic index.  Both of these things make me feel anxious.  WTF?  Part of the freedom you feel eating Paleo/Primal is that you are not keeping track of points/blocks/etc, but rather eating nutrient dense foods when you want, in whatever quantities you want when you need it.  I keep thinking that these things are limiting my weight loss efforts - thoughts?  See what I mean - obsessed and unhealthy...Oh this next post will be a doozy...soo many thoughts..

So my schedule this week was 5 days on and 2 days off.
Crossfitted:  4 times
Yoga'd:  1 time
Run:  2 times

I took an extra rest day on Saturday because I felt beat up.  Everything was sore and I was so tired.  I think that was a good call.

I did run with Erin 2 times this week.  See post re: Run Suck for that good time.  Again, I'm grateful that she is taking the time to do this with me.  I find, honestly, this is now less about the Dash and more about me.

I've lost one pound this week which I am a little disappointed with if I'm being honest.  I feel like I am working hard and should be rewarded with massive weight loss.  However, I need to trust the process and know that my body is adjusting to last week's loss and will level out.  

Less than one month away from the Dash.  I think I'll do fine, but am not really looking forward to it anymore.  See comment above re: obsessions...  Oh dear.


Too tired for some planned socializing on Friday.  I even had a cute new dress.  And there was a fraternity convention thing.  My odds would have been pretty good! :)

I got to hang out with some good friends though and drop a car payment on some lululemon attire.  How can you not feel badass when you have badass new workout clothes?

AND I did send a mail to a dude with potential on the online thing.  I had to get someone (thank you someone) to help me hit send and be OK with what I wrote.  I swear, I am still very very immature when it comes to these things.

I also learned this week that the truth hurts sometimes.  And that it hurts worse when the truth comes from a friend. :(

Next week's goals

  • Maintain nutrition and fitness, but try to relax
  • Tighten up (Mandyism) at work
  • Be more aware of negative self talk (see very awesome post in the Crossfit Journal - if you haven't signed up for access, you totally should.  Well worth the $25).

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